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"Joseph is truly talented and thorough. There is an intensity during the time he has his hands on you that is very hard to describe but very healing — almost spiritual. I enjoyed every second of my massage, and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!" — Scott K.

"One of the BEST massages I've ever had!" — Timothy R.

"One of the most relaxing, realigning and profound massage experiences of my life. The massage was simultaneously gentle and intense on my tired and tense muscles. Joseph kept me present through great breath coaching and tactile connection. Highly recommend with 5 STARS!" — Danial D.

"Thank you, dear Joseph...I felt wonderful the next day... no pain, tranquil, and a renewed attention to my well-being...

I loved it and appreciate your work." — Paul V.

"I just want to say thank you again. That massage was totally amazing. The experience of feeling that some one is taking care of you was awesome. You do a great job Joseph! So happy that I was there." — Sergio

"Joseph has a finely tuned sensitivity to just what I need, and provides a beautiful combination of gentle touch and deep tissue work that I treasure." — Jeffry

"There is no one as good as you. I can't wait to tell my friends!" — Dan B.

"Oh my God, Joseph. That was divine! You have such a gift!" — George L.

"Massage sublime. See Joseph as soon as you can!" — David P.

"Your massage made my week!" — Johnny C.

"I wish I had discovered (your services) when I first got here." — Patrick

"For an artist, after a hard day of painting out on the streets, there is nothing more relaxing than stretching out on a table and experiencing Joseph's firm but gentle touch, accompanied by fragrant oils and sweet music. What a beautifully satisfying massage! I am anxious to see Joseph's new space and to enjoy repeat performances when I return to San Miguel next winter!" — Jeff B.

"Joseph, that was an awesome massage. I will definitely recommend you to others that visit here. Thank you so much!" — Tim

"I am floating on a cloud! You are amazing!!" — Brian

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Schedule your sublime session today! Whatsapp or call +52 1 415 103 8027. Or email [email protected]